An independent insurance broker is different from an insurance agent, who solely represents the interests of a single insurance company. An independent broker is licensed by the State to represent the consumer in the purchasing of insurance, and they have the freedom to work with multiple insurance companies. This means they can shop a variety of products from several companies to match each client with the right policy for their individual needs. The best part is that you will pay the same price for life insurance through a broker as you would pay if you went directly to any life insurance company. There is no additional fee even though the broker is doing the shopping for you. Independent agents and brokers, such as TermAdvantage are paid a commission on insurance premiums. When you deal directly with an insurance company, that commission is paid to a "captive agent." You have three sources when purchasing insurance:

Captive Agents - sell insurance for only one company.

Telephone Representatives - sell insurance for only one company, and only over the telephone.

Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers - represent a number of insurance companies and shop those providers to find you the best combination of price, coverage, and service.

TermAdvantage has both the experience and expertise to guide you in choosing the policy that best suits your specific needs and budget. We carefully select and analyze policies from top-rated insurance providers to find you the best value. We act as your personal representative and look after your interests, not the insurance company’s. Our success rests on your satisfaction with your coverage, price, and service. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service and hope you find the information on our Web site to be of real value. We look forward to helping you step by step throughout the entire process as well as servicing any of your other term life insurance needs in the future.


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