Term Life

Term life is extremely important to acquire when you marry and/or start a family. TermAdvantage gives exact term life quotes while finding the lowest term life rates available for our clients. A term life policy is necessary to protect your home and family in the unexpected event of your death. One of the greatest worries for homeowners is taken care of upon receiving term life. In all reality, term life is the vehicle used for mortgage protection insurance, as it protects your home and family in the unexpected event of your death.

Finding the best-priced term life quote and term life rate available is difficult, as you do not want to end up paying more for the exact same product. TermAdvantage shops practically every term life company to ensure the best-priced term life coverage available. Your term life premium will vary depending upon your health class, coverage amount, and term length.

Term life will cover a range of needs that can occur following the death of a family member. With term life, the deceased are able to assist their loved ones with the daunting costs of funeral and burial expenses, income replacement, mortgage protection, and debt repayment, as well as expenditures that were previously handled by the deceased, such as tuition for children and everyday household expenses.

Term life, which is usually the least expensive form of life insurance, pays a death benefit to your beneficiary or beneficiaries if you pass away while the coverage is in force. If you outlive your policy holding period and don't renew your term life policy, or if you stop paying your term life premium, your term life coverage is terminated and no death claim will be paid out. Most term life can be converted to whole or universal life insurance without any evidence of insurability.

There are several different forms of term life available. Yearly renewable term life is one such product. While the term life premiums for such a policy are initially low, they become increasingly larger as the insured increases in age. This is the most common form of term life offered by a group life insurance policy. Decreasing term life works in the opposite manner. While your death benefit decreases with your increased age and depleting mortgage, your term life premium decreases as well. This type of term life is most often used to help protect a mortgage because the decrease of the death benefit roughly parallels the reduction of the outstanding mortgage.

With guaranteed level term life, your term life premium and death benefit amount are guaranteed to remain level for a specified period - usually 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years. At the end of the guaranteed level period, your term life premium will either increase for a one-year period or for another specified duration and is subject to a guaranteed maximum. At that point, you may have to re-qualify for term life coverage by providing proof of insurability. This is an extremely important factor to consider in deciding which term life policy is best for you.

TermAdvantage is committed to finding you term life that fits your needs and budget. Since term life can vary in price substantially, TermAdvantage shops over 2,000 life insurance companies to find term life that meets your exact specifications. While the decision to purchase term life is an important one, TermAdvantage is committed to finding you the best available term life at the lowest rate from the nation's highest-rated (A or better by AMBest.com) life insurance companies.

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