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Clear Choices. Thousands of companies sell term life insurance. At TermAdvantage, we do the shopping for you. We monitor products, prices, and services from top-rated companies daily. This means that you never have to worry about whether or not you are choosing the best company for your specific needs. We take care of that for you. TermAdvantage has established strong relationships with our companies. This equals highly competitive products, precise prices, and prompt, responsive service for our customers.

Personalized Prices. We strive to ask the necessary health and lifestyle questions required to properly evaluate your health class before the medical exam. By doing so, we provide the most accurate quote available. Our companies are diverse in their areas of expertise, allowing us to pair you with the company that best suits your unique profile, and therefore providing you with the best possible rate. We even represent companies that specialize in insuring people with higher risk. Diabetics, those with high blood pressure/cholesterol, cancer survivors, tobacco users, pilots, scuba divers, and those with other hazardous occupations or hobbies rarely find it difficult to not only be insured, but be insured at an excellent rate, when using TermAdvantage.

Expert Experience. We have been selling life insurance since 1959. No one else has nearly as much experience in finding your “AdvantageBuy” from the companies we represent or in making the process as easy as possible for you. This is why we are by far the most experienced independent term life insurance sales agency, but our service doesn’t stop here. Our licensed agents provide full-service customer support throughout the application process and beyond. This relationship begins with the initial quote and lasts through helping your beneficiaries with the claims process following your death. The TermAdvantage website allows you to compare prices, evaluate our companies, assess your insurance needs, retrieve saved quotes, check the status of your policy throughout the process, get policy information after it is in force, access the claims department, and pay premiums to all insurers online from the privacy of your own home or office 24/7.

Free-Look Guarantee. When shopping with TermAdvantage, you have the comfort of knowing that your policy is a risk-free, no obligation purchase. Your satisfaction is guaranteed for up to 30 days (depending on your state). After you receive your policy, you can return it for a full refund of any premiums paid.


TermAdvantage is an independent insurance broker which offers affordable online life insurance, term insurance policies,
term insurance quotes and mortgage protection plans with low rates.

Get affordable mortgage term life insurance quotes, mortgage life insurance with low rates at TermAdvantage. We are a complete
online source for mortgage life insurance and all your other insurance needs.

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